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First content published in 2014. Author Alisha Liker. Photographs Alisha Liker. Images in book authorized models. Book available for purchase 


One day, my friend Samira asked me to help her write her story about how she grew up losing her mother at a very young age. How she endured physical and mental abuse.

After several suicide attempts she had found her purpose in Jesus and is now sharing her life with others who struggle sexual and physical abuse.

This book as many chapters that took us many years to finish, as it is very heart-breaking and it was difficult for me to write.


All names were changed to protect individuals. 

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''The Girl I Always Am ''

So many years are passing by as we get older.

We hear, we speak, we see.

Though what do we learn?

A christian based book for women for awareness of their worthy. Who walked with Christ later in their lives and may or may not experienced marriage, divorce, drugs or other difficult life changes.


'' Healing ''

Many moons ago my friend Travis, who was a great book editor for several local magazines in California, made the comment to write about women in their process of makeovers, divorce and child-loss.

I was never really comfortable writing about it, because of the lack of experience and interest. Not to mention the millions of books about divorces that already exist. What would possibly be the difference about my book or story?

Well, now i know a few things first hand. But the best part is, sharing a few words or two about life after major life changes from a christian perspective. Because that changes everything.

A book with several chapters of individual stories and experiences and scriptures for support.

I hope you enjoy.

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