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''Today, if you hear His voice

Do not harden your hearts''.

           Hebrews 4:16 7

What does it mean to ME, to be born again?

What does His word mean, to be born again?

To me it's a simple explanation. When i became not only a believer but also a follower, i learned everything new about myself. I learned that in time, who i was is not who i am today nor do i ever want to be. I learned that the chance of life given by God, doesn't mean to be bedded in rose paddles, rather lied on rocks, thorns and rocky roads. Why is that, you ask? Because we live in a world that grieves and craves for Love-yet if you have love, no one seems to want it, or accepts it, or maybe not good enough, or the conception of Love is simple distorted.  Hence, as for the ones that accepted Christ, as pure and naked as we come again, we are surrounded by greed, spiritual warfare, rocky roads and difficult trials. But you know what, forever will come through Christ and i am gladly letting go the silver and gold around my neck, the perfect skin or make up, the fastest car or the latest iphone.

The picture below represents exactly how i feel. Born again, new again, put on pokey rocks. Walking on them won't be easy, though my destination will be beautiful.

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