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The irony of my early life, developed into my main career for over 13 years. Just so, that now I am all about the complete opposite !

''Alisha', you've got way too much imagination' 

Something my 5th grade teacher said to me, after she slapped my face and left a streak on my cheeks. She had me write an apology letter and read it out loud in front of my classmates. I think this was my very first ''imaginary'' story I have ever written. All because how terrified I was. 

30 years later and I still remember very vividly. 

Growing up in two countries I have had plenty to compare mentality, politics, education and the definition of crime.

Which is a smooth transition of my genre !

So, what's my genre?

I don't write fiction. The things that interest me are things I also write about. Real life situations, happenings. I guess, I need that certainty of how things end. I focus on the happenings. It can be romantic, it can be disturbingly painful, it can be what ever people go through. I get inspired by their experience.  You will find most of my writings to be about how God changed people's life, all about divorce from the perspective of the spouse and the kids as well, child abuse and finding Love- which isn't necessary about a partner.

What about my photography career?

After 13 years I closed my studio doors. Now I do what I do and if I do, it's only by request.

Creativity and client's work

To get my creative satisfaction going, I work with a couple of authors to do their book covers. Which has been a lot of fun. Reading their stories and creating their face to the book! The very thing you see when looking at a  book. We all judge the cover. Period. I pride myself to do things from scratch.

Questions I run into often:

  • What makes me, me?- Well, I am a experienced woman, whose kids are all grown, well most of them and my entire family and relatives live across the continents. I got and despite covid still get to see quiet a lot,  and regardless of where I am in life, I find a way to make things work through my faith!

  • Do you miss home? WHERE is home?- My home is in the south east of Washington, very close to the ocean. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. I spent 20 years of my life right there, raising my children and going to college. However, my family is spread due to their college, work, school, friends and now I am in Germany taking care of my elderly parents. Home is where God wants me to be. 

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